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Medical Professions

The Medical and Health Science pathway will introduce students to the vast realm of medical science concepts.

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The Medical Professions pathway will introduce students to the vast realm of medical science concepts.  In this career pathway, students will explore biomedical technologies, medical interventions, pharmacology, laboratory skills and safety procedures, proper application of scientific methodology,  research skills, healthcare practices, interpersonal interactions, current research topics in medicine, and much more! Courses also include practice and development of professional communication skills and behaviors that will contribute to students’ future success in the workplace.

Through the use of project-based instructional techniques, students will engage in research, project planning, product design, and professional communication with local healthcare and medical professionals.  This career pathway offers students the unique opportunity to explore their own personal interests as they explore the amazing and multi-faceted world of medical science careers. All coursework is designed to prepare students for future educational pursuits, but even more importantly, prepare them to successfully enter the workplace.

Professional Certificate/Industry Recognized Credential:

Recommended Prerequisite:  Biology and/or Anatomy & Physiology

Sequence of Courses:

Semester 1

  • Principles of Biomedical Science (5810) 1 credit (TPS Science Credit)
  • Pharmacology (5803) .5 credit

Semester 2

  • Biotechnology I (5635) 1 credit
  • Pharmacology (5803) .5 credit

Semester 3

  • Medical Interventions (5801)1 credit
  • Project Management (5816) .5 credit

Semester 4

  • Biotechnology II (5636) 1 credit
  • Project Management (5816) .5 credit

Students may enter the pathway during semester one or semester two, however they must have completed both prior to starting semester three.

Principles of Biomedical Science is a science credit, whereas the others are considered elective credits.

Instructor: Ms. Wood   Email:  jwood2@tps501.org


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