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Computer Science

The Computer Science Pathway is in the Information Technology Career Cluster. This pathway introduces students to the foundational concepts of computer science and explores the impact computing and technology have on our society. Students learn about the internet, digital information, programming, data, and apply these concepts through creative projects, while building their portfolio. Other topics of study include coding, cybersecurity, game design, app development and programming and software development.  

Professional Certificate/Industry Recognized Credential: 

  • (Individual) Digital Portfolio-all students will create a digital portfolio to showcase projects
  • Microsoft Digital Literacy Certificate-students will take the Microsoft Digital Literacy exam during year one of the pathway 
  • Others TBD based on Advisory Board Recommendations

Recommended Prerequisite:  Integrated Computer Applications

Sequence of Courses:

Semester 1

  • Computer Programming (7920) 1 credit
  • AP Computer Science Principles (5862) .5 credits

Semester 2

  • Intro to Coding (or AP Computer Science Principles (5862) .5 credit
  • AP Computer Science Applications (5864) 1 credit

Semester 3

  • Cyber Security (TBD) 1 credit
  • Programming & Software Project Management (5866) .5 credit

Semester 4

  • Particular Topics in Computer Programming (TBD) 1 credit
  • Programming & Software Project Management (5866) .5 credit

Instructor: Ms. Pearce    Email: jpearce@tps501.org  


TPS 2019-20 Program of Studies



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