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Law & Public Safety Pathway

Students will learn and grow from experts while participating in field visits to municipal, state and federal courthouses; juvenile detention center and prisons; crime scene labs; tactical support teams (SWAT);firearms range; local and federal law enforcement departments (ATF, DEA, FBI, US Secret Service); fire departments; state and federal prosecutors’ offices; judges; local law firms; policy makers; public and private social service agencies. Students will expand their understanding and experiences of the varied and diverse careers opportunities and tracks of our American Justice System from experts, practitioners, mentors, and experiential projects.

The course includes the basics of legal topics of constitutional issues, criminal law, ethics, torts, contracts, family and juvenile law. Students will be exposed to broad concepts of our justice system through in depth case study approach of past and historical cases plus current, live trials as well as legal research and writing.

Professional Certificate/Industry Recognized Credential:

CPR/AED/First Aid-all students who complete one year (2 semesters) will earn the CPR/AED certificate through the American Heart Association. 

Recommended Prerequisite:  None

Sequence of courses are based on the students' TPD Explorer program experience and courses taken at their high school.  

  • Intro to Law, Public Safety & Security .5 credit  (offered at HSs) (2800)
  • Intro to First Aid, CPR, EMR .5 credit  (offered at HSs)
  • Law Enforcement I  1 credit  (offered at HSs)
  • Law Enforcement II  1 credit
  • Forensics Science  1 credit
  • Public Safety Physical Education 1 credit (2806)
  • Certified Protection Officer 1 credit
  • Corrections Officer  .5 credit
  • LPSS Internship 1 credit

Instructor: Officer Brandon Gogian   Email:  bgogian@topeka.org

TPS 2018-19 Program of Studies

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